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Free eBooks Adaptive WCDMA, Circuits and System, Electric Machinary and Fundamentals, Power Transformer, Power Cable, Instrumentation

Adaptive WCDMA
Cover the latest theoretical principles of WCDMA and explain why these principles are used in the standards. Starting with a general overview, the more advanced material is then gradually introduced providing an excellent roadmap for the reader.

Circuits and Systems Based on Delta Modulation
Linear, Nonlinear and Mixed Mode Processing (Signals and Communication Technology, for students and professionals who are interested in the field of digital signal processing of delta-sigma modulated sequences. The overall focus is on the development of algorithms and circuits for linear, non-linear, and mixed mode processing of delta-sigma modulated pulse streams.

Dynamic Simulations of Electric Machinery
This book and its accompanying website offer a complete treatment from background theory and models to implementation and verification techniques for simulations and linear analysis of frequently studies machine systems. They include: Three- and single- phase transformers, modeling of core saturation.

Electric Machinery Fundamentals
Has the rare ability to strike a golden balance between theory and practice, and between rigour and informality, such that the theoretical actually illuminates the practical.

Electric Circuits Nilsson

Electronic Circuit Analysis
Provides a foundation for analyzing and designing analog and digital electronic circuits. is divided into three parts. Part 1 covers semiconductor devices and basic circuit applications. Part 2 covers more advanced topics in analog electronics, and Part 3 considers digital electronic circuits.

Electric Power Transformer Engineering
This book provides the background required to understand the basic operation of electromagnetic induction as applied to transformers. The book is divided into three fundamental groupings: one stand-alone chapter is devoted to Theory and Principles, nine chapters individually treat major transformer types, and fourteen chapters cover many ancillary topics associated with power transformers.
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Electrical Power Cable Engineering
Discusses basic dielectric theory; conductors; cable characteristics; electrical properties of insulating materials; shielding power cables; sheaths, jackets, and armors; standards and specifications; splicing and terminating; ampacity; treeing; lightning protection; corrosion; and more.

Electric Circuits
Emphasize the relationship between conceptual understanding and problem solving approaches; 3) To provide readers with a strong foundation of engineering practices. Chapter topics include Circuit Variables; Circuit Elements; Simple Resistive Circuits; Techniques of Circuit Analysis;

Instrumentation Reference Book

Is a comprehensive and authoritative collection of technical information, which is of direct practical value to instrumentation and control engineers as well as all instrument technicians and users. It is also an indispensable addition to any academic library for the benefit of engineering and science students.

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