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Free Tutorials on Electronics Light Detector Sensors, Free Electronics Projects

Dark Activated Switch
Free electronics Project.The light sensor used is the ORP12 photocell.

Dark Light/Activated Relay
Free electronics project with diagram and its components, using sensor for Dark light activated relay

Infrared circuits for remote control
These circuits are used to transmit a 1-4 kHz digital signal (OOK modulation) through infra light (this is the maximum attainable speed. schematic diagram, components.

741 Light Dark Sensor
Act as Light Detector Sensor, Free Project with diagram and its parts

Light Detector Circuit
The light threshold at which the circuit triggers. The output device may be a low power piezo buzzer.

Light Is On When Power Is Out
Lighting system that turns on automatically with loss of power. The preferred emergency light source is the white LED

Free Project on Light Detectors
Visible and Infrared Light Detectors, Visible Light Photo-Detector Circuits, Basic CdS Photocell Detector, Infrared Light Photo-Detector Circuit, A Practical Quad Photo-Detector Circuit, Phototransistor Detector Relay Driver, Using Multiple Phototransistors,

Free Electronics Project with schematic diagram and materials
3 Transistor Audio Amp , Improved 3 Transistor Audio Amp , Telephone Audio Interface, LED Photo Sensor, Triangle and Squarewave Generator, Low Frequency Sinewave Generators, Touch Activated Light, AC Line Current Detector, Decibel Meter.

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Anonymous said...

I really need help. I want to build a sensor that will use either 2 AA batteries or 1 9V battery. It must give a Go, No-Go indication that my IR formation lights on my CH-47D helicopter are functioning properly. I don't always have access to NVG so that route is out. Any help would be appreciated.

email me at


Jonathan O'Connor

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