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Free Tutorials on Electronics 555 timer How its Works?

5 5 5 T i m e r How does it Work?
The 555 monolithic timing circuit is a highly stable device, Precision Timing, Pulse Generation , Sequential Timing , Time delay Generation , Pulse Width Modulation

Common Switching Functional Blocks

Voltage Comparators, The 555 Timer,Monostable Application,Astable Application,

The 555 Timer
555 shematic diagram,Definition of Pin Functions, 555 timer tester, Monostable Mode, Applications.

Oscillators & Timers
The 555 timer IC was first introduced, 555 schematic,external capacitor, One-shot, generates a continuous stream of rectangular off-on pulses that switch between two voltage levels

The 555 Timer - Oscillator

LM555 and LM556 Timer Circuits
RESET And CONTROL Input Terminal Notes, LM555 - Monostable Oscillator Calculator, LM555 - Astable Oscillator Calculator + Capacitor Calculator , Controlling Circuits For LM555 Timers ,Power-Up Reset For Monostable Timers,Voltage Controlled Pulse Width Oscillator ,Electronic Time Constant Control ,

Electronic Learning Series
Basic Electronic Theory , 555 Timer Theory & Design, OPAMP Theory & Design, PIC Theory & Design , Power Supply Design

Some Hints on Prototyping the 555
When building your prototype , MORE SUGGESTIONS, The timer receives pulses from the distributor points.

Counters and ClocksA Nixie Clock,
Counter Principles, Practical Counters,Analog watches, The power mains frequency, synchronous counters ,Power Supplies for a Nixie Clock,


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555 Timer Tutorial. This tutorial, hosted by the University of Guelph.The lessons are free and gives good basic information for the beginner.
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