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Free Tutorials for Sensor and Electronics projects

sensor free project
List of the free project with schematic and materials : Gate Alarm Circuit by Rev Thomas Scarborough, 5 Zone Alarm system, Miniature Loop Alarm, Modular Burglar Alarm, Water Activated Alarm, Buzzer, Radio Wave Alarm, Enhanced Alarm Keypad, 4 Digit Keypad, Motorcycle Alarm, Water Level Alarm, Single Zone Alarm, CMOS Single Zone Alarm, Mini Alarms, Car Alarm and Immobilizer, Hijack Alarm, Snore Alarm, Motorcyle Alarm 2, Motorcycle Alarm 3, Motorcycle Alarm 4, Motorcycle Alarms 5 & 6, Automatic Intruder Alarm, Earthquake Detector External link, Shed / Garage Alarm Circuit, An SCR Based Burglar Alarm,A Transistor Based Alarmm, One Time Only Alarm Battery Powered One Time Alarm Only

Capacitive Sensor
The purpose of this circuit is to animate shop-windows by means of a capacitive sensor placed behind a post-card-like banner.

Compass Sensor
kinds of magnetometers able to read such a weak magnetic field strength, Earth's magnetic field,K MZ 51,Electronics,Sensor-support, Program

Electromagnetic Field Detector
Ordinary headphones are used to for detection, surrounds a transformer is heard , Mains wiring buried an inch in plaster can be detected with precision.

Fridge door Alarm
It beefs after you leave the open door in 20 seconds

Humidity sensor
Free Pdf file Humidity measurements in electronic hygrometers for domestic use,Self-regulating air humidifiers.

A Mercury Switch Filter
These sensors, commonly called mercury switches ,Circuit diagram and description, Hardware solutions,Simple single pole analogue, Digital method filter.

Motor Control Sensor Feedback Circuits
Popular current-sensing sensor because of their low cost and good accuracy.

Touch plate
THE HIGH GAIN AMPLIFIER,Build the circuit and learn how it works, Our circuit is amplifying the current flowing through your finger, HOW THE CIRCUIT WORKS

Simple circuit for controlling four switches from a distance through just a pair of wire

Applications is in a rolling shutter guard for offices and shops. with complete details on how to build the project.

Pressure sensor
Industrial applications such as air conditioning, liquid level sensing and flow control.

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