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802.11 Wireless Network Site Surveying and Installation

802.11 Wireless LAN Fundamentals
Ethernet technologies, wireless lans, physical layer technologies, wireless lan security, mobility, radio frequency essentials, the future of wireless lans, wlan design consideration.

802.11 Security
Station security for linux, freeBSD, open BSD, Mac OSX, and windows, setting up access point security, gateway security, including building gateway, firewall rules, auditin etc, authentication and encryption, freeBSD IPsec client and gateway configuration.

3G Handset and Network Design
Show how to achieve consistent power efficient performance, discuss how to integrate cell phone of PDA portable PC hardware and software.

TDD-CDMA for Wireless Communications
Moble communication, TDD systems, spread spectrum communications, mobile radio communication, radio communication system, mobile chanel characteristics, spread spectrum communication, CDMA communication, system configuration, time division duplex transmission. synchronous transmission, multipath channel models, rake combination.

Location Management and Routing in Mobile Wireless Networks
Cellular network introduction, mobile wireless networks, cellular networks, wireless networks, mobility models, radio resource management, radio propagation.

Technology Trends in Wireless Communications
TCP over wireless links, data link layers, new trends in wireless networks design, adaptive technologies, GPRS, RMM in UMTS, video compression, streaming video, wireless system.

Wireless Security and Privacy
Best Practices and Design Techniques


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