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Free Download eBooks SCADA, Equipment and control circuits

CitectSCADA Crack

Practical Industrial Data Networks: Design,Installation and Troubleshooting

Practical Data Acquisition for insturmentation and Control systems

Practical SCADA for industry

Practical Process Control For Engineers And Technicians

Practical Modern SCADA Protocols

Practical Troubleshooting of Electrical Equipment and Control Circuits


Mahesh said...

Hi Mukhtar,

You Got a nice collection. Thanks for sharing.

ajmul said...

i could not able to download above materials...if possibile can u able to suggest another way for download

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing these..
do u have Citect SCADA? can u upload and share..


plz mail me at

Pramod Kumar Pandey said...

Thanx for sharing these E-Books........
Do U Have Process & Testing of Compact Florescent Lamp(CFL)


Plz mail me at

amet said...

thank you for your sharing ,they very necessary for control ,design,energy sector

André said...


thank you very much for sharing all this amount of info.
Anyway, I'm looking for a book called "SCADA: Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition" from "Stuart A. Boyer".
Do you have it?

check out this SCADA software:
It's Indusoft Web Studio v6.1 automation tools.

swati said...

Motor Control Center (SCADA System) designer and manufacturer in India. Motor Control Center exporter & SCADA
System exporter in India.

Anonymous said...

Links are expired

mohan said...

Links are expired

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